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Ormond Beach Computer Services

JNR Ormond Beach computer repair is a professional IT company specialized in virus removal. We will remove and clean all kind of Viruses, Trojans and Spyware.

A computer virus is malicious software that can be transferred from a computer to another one. Also, Spyware, Trojans, Malware are harmful and may steal your credit card or online banking information.

Computer virus removal package:

  • Clean up all kind of Viruses, Trojans, Malware, Spyware & Adware.
  • Scan your computer with a special script & Anti virus.
  • Remove all Rootkit and Google re-direction.
  • Free 10 minutes tutorial how to protect your PC from viruses.

Bring your computer to our location in Ormond Beach. Our certified computer repair technicians will take care of your computer and clean it up in just few hours.

I’ve got a virus! Where did I get it from?

There are many ways to get Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Adware. Some of the websites could be infected with Viruses or Trojans, when you visit them and you don’t have enough security on your computer you might be a victim of malicious software. An infected Email attachment could be another source of Viruses. Suspicious links on social media such as facebook or youtube may harm your computer or break your privacy. An infected memory stick or external drive could transfer viruses to your personal PC.

I have some Pop ups making a scan and ask me to buy them, is that a real Anti Virus?

No, those kind of Pop ups are scams and they do a fake scan on your computer. They show your system is infected with many viruses and ask you to buy the software just to be able to remove them. Don’t provide your credit card information at all, but if you already did that then call your bank or credit card provider to cancel this transaction. Bring your computer to our computer shop and ask the technician to clean up your computer from all viruses.

If I use any search engine such as Google I’ll be redirected to suspicious websites!

This is a very common problem and we call it search engine redirection or Google redirection. Your computer has been infected with a Rootkit Virus and hijacked your internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. You have to consider this issue seriously and clean up your computer as soon as possible. If you ignore this threat then you may get a lot of scams and viruses.

How do I protect my personal information and my Privacy?

It’s always recommended to have a very good Anti Virus installed on your computer. Configure the setting of the Anti Virus and firewall as recommended from the software manufacturer. Don’t go to a suspicious website. Try to avoid free streaming videos or movies. Be careful if someone sent you a link or an Email attachment even if this person in your contacts list. Ask a JNR computer repair technician to check your computer from viruses and install an Anti Virus security on your laptop or desktop.